Phundament II comes with a handy set of command-line tools for installation, backup and other tasks.

Go to your application root folder on your shell

cd /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/

start the installation by issuing this command:

./yiic install


Visit your Home Page >
Module Installation Check >(run install command first)


Please make sure that this web application is installed in a secure way!


  1. set your document root to /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/, or
  2. move your application outside your document root and link www back into your htdocs*, or
  3. protect all directories, except for www with a .htaccess file*
* use mod_rewrite and Yii::app()->request->setBaseUrl() for friendly-URLs


Use the install command to fix these errors:

  • Please copy /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/ to /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/
  • Directory /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/ does not exist!
  • Directory /ftp_aerium-01/yiiyii_603/ does not exist!